To Be Fair is a podcast dedicated to discussing aspects of your everyday life.  If you’ve ever held a strong belief and wanted to hear the other side of it in an intelligent and sometimes respectful way, then give it a listen.  Our tagline, “Everything is related to everything,” fairly accurately sums up the theme behind our discussions.  Whether we are discussing sex, relationships, video games, sex, or society, you can be sure that we can relate any of those topics back to each other.

In addition to weekly podcasts, our more regularly updated blog seeks to invoke topics of discussion in a form that doesn’t require you to listen to us talk for an hour.

Lastly, The Story That Never Ends is a unique collaboration project where Kenny and Shamus alternate writing new parts to an original story without telling the other in what direction the story is heading.

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About the Authors:

Kenny and Shamus met in middle school in the suburbs of the suburbs of Washington, DC.  Together, they have been through countless adventures involving heartbreak, laughter, story writing, angst, heartbreak, angst, potentially not-so-legal-things, and solving the problems of the world.  Thus, while still on a journey for more adventures, they felt it necessary, for some reason, to share with the world the possibilities that may be possible…in the form of podcasts.


A very Asian action shot.

The very Asian Kenny Tsao is a native of Silver Spring, MD.  He graduated with a degree in Music Education from Loyola University New Orleans and is currently living in Pullman, WA because that’s where his heart took him. And by heart, he means his car. His weapon of choice is the tuba. He often gets in trouble for poking at the rules and overlooking obvious facts. In his free time, he likes to wonder how the hell he has any free time at all, play Smash Bros, run long distances, do math, inappropriately laugh at things, and corrupt the minds of the innocent. He also enjoys wearing blazers.


The very not Asian Shamus Kelley is also a native of Silver Spring, MD. Currently living in LA, Shamus recently graduated from Towson University with a major in Electronic Media and Film. He’s a podcasting veteran with his major contributions to the Power Rangers podcast “Dan’s Toku Rants.” He’s also worked as a video producer and has his own web series, “21 Jump Street Rangers.” Major goals include writing for television and putting an end to creepers everywhere. In his free time he enjoys discussing television and running. You can spot Shamus in the wild by his tie dye.